Photos 2014

The photos can be viewed as a slideshow or viewed one at a time. Place your mouse pointer on the event and click to open the slideshow photos. You will see a tool bar appear. The slideshow will start if you click on the triangle symbol. To stop click on the II symbol.

Clifton FD Parade14

Hamlin FD Parade14

Hilton FD Parade14

Plow day at Gary Merlou's14

Sanborn Farm Festival14

Spencerport FD Parade14

Spring Plow Day Ionia14

Tractor Ride for Cancer14

WNYGas&Steam Show14

WNYTCC Banquet14

WNYTCC Fall Plow Day14

WNYTCC meeting at John Langless14

WNYTCC meeting at Paul Trowbridge14