The Western New York Two Cylinder Club is an organization made up of people interested in promoting the interest of the public in preservation and restoration of antique tractors, particularly the John Deere Two Cylinder models,their accessories, lore, and literature.

  • Contact Us

Club President:
 Alan Hain
 352 South Drive
 Rochester, NY 14612-1230
 Phone: 585-227-1864
 Cell:    585-975-9435

Vice President:
 Peter Morris
phone: 585-750-1420

Newsletter Editor
 Pat Schuler
 3939 New Road
 Ransomville, NY 14131
Web Site:
 Joe Wegrzyn

  • General Meetings

 The regular meetings of the Western New York Two Cylinder Club are  held the first Wednesday of each month at the Western New York Gas & Steam Engine Association clubhouse. Located at 10400 Gillate Road, Alexander, New York 14005. Located 8 miles South of Batavia, N.Y.and 1 mile West of Alexander,N.Y. 1 mile North of Route 20.

2nd Vice President: Don Schuler

Secretary: Brenda Hain

Treasurer: Herb Loesch

Historian: Joe Wegrzyn